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If you're interested in participating in one of our Focus Groups, fill out the contact form listed below to join our list of interested participants.

As a Northern Oklahoma Focus Group Panelist you present an opportunity for us to learn from citizens in Northern Oklahoma and surrounding communities that may serve as potential jurors in our civil justice system. In particular, focus group participants have the chance to provide feedback concerning facts or issues that are important to them and that might help them make an informed decision if they were serving on a jury. Focus group participants provide this feedback in connection with a wide variety of actual cases law firms may be handling.

  • Please complete ALL requested information on contact form. Questions left unanswered may prohibit your participation in a study.

  • All questions are potential questions that would be asked of you if you were summoned for Jury Duty.

  • Consumers that participate will be provided food and beverages and compensated $50.00 for their time.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Northern Oklahoma Focus Group, please contact us at (580) 233-2833 or e-mail us at


Please note: The information voluntarily given by you will be used for research purposes only. Selection as a focus group member is not dependent on race, gender, nationality, or religious affiliation.  All information obtained will be used in the selection criteria for participation in a specific research study. The information provided will NEVER be shared or sold to any other organization or third party and is kept in strict confidence.

Click on the PDF to open the Contact Form Questionnaire. Once completed, please return to Northern Oklahoma Focus Group via email at

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