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Assisting Us in Preparation for Trial


Northern Oklahoma Focus Group wants to know your opinions on real case matters. Help our clients by becoming part of our focus group. If you enjoy sharing  your thoughts, views, and opinions openly and honestly, join our participation panel today and get paid for your feedback and help us develop marketing strategies that connect to our law firms’ target audiences. We will provide food and beverages for focus group participants and compensate participants $50.00 for their time.

Currently, NW Oklahoma Focus Group meets one Monday a month from 6-9pm. Before each focus group, an e-mail is sent out to all participants asking who would be available or interested in the next focus group.  Then, if you would like to participate, simply respond to the e-mail. Those who respond will receive an e-mail stating whether you will or will not be needed for the next focus group. We usually select 8-12 participants for each focus group.

If you're interested in participating in one of our Focus Groups, please call (580)-233-2833 or e-mail is at to receive more information.


What to expect at a Focus Group

- First we have everyone sign a confidentiality agreement since the cases discussed are on going.

-The attorney presenters will show the participants exhibits and present facts about an on going case.

-As the Focus Group goes on, the attorney presenter will ask participants questions or ask for their opinions on the case.

-At the end of the focus group, each participant will be given $50.00 to compensate them for their time.

The best time to learn if an argument or witness is effective is BEFORE the trial begins.



TELEPHONE (580) 233-2833 | e-mail-

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