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Uncontested divorces shouldn't be difficult or time consuming. Fill out the online questionnaire below and we'll prepare the paperwork and set your hearing date. All preparations can be completed online and through the mail, so the only time you'll have to spend on it is for your short final hearing. The cost is $400 plus court costs for divorces with children and $300 plus court costs for without. We will contact you regarding payment once your questionnaire is submitted.  


Your Name: First Last

Spouse's Name: First :Last

Contact E-mail

Your Address

Spouse's Address

Your Phone Number

Spouse's Phone Number

Your Date of Birth and Social Security Number

Spouse's Date of Birth and Social Security Number

When and Where Were You Married? (City, State)


Do you rent or own your residence?

What is the address?

If you own, do you have a mortgage? Who is the lender? 

What do the parties wish to do with the residence? (e.g. one party takes the home and the mortgage; sell the home and split the profits/ losses; etc.)

Do you or your spouse own any vehicles? 

Vehicle #1: Make, Model, VIN #

Vehicle #2: Make, Model, VIN #

Vehicle #3: Make, Model, VIN #

Vehicle #4: Make, Model, VIN #

Who is taking vehicle #1

Who is taking vehicle #2

Who is taking vehicle #3

Who is taking vehicle #4

If any of these vehicles have financing and you are making arrangements to have the loan refinanced, please explain which vehicle and whose name it should be refinanced to. 

Do you own any other property that has title?


The decree will contain a general provision for personal property. Personal property that is in your possession is deemed your property. Is there anything not already in your possession that needs to be included?  


Do you or your spouse wish to be returned to your maiden name?

If so, please give the updated full name.  


*If there are children of the marriage, state law requires the parties to wait 90 days between filing and final hearing.   

How many children of THIS marriage do you have? 

Please list the name, date of birth, and last four digits of each child's social security number.

Please list where the children have lived for the past five years and who they lived with (Mother/Father/ Mother and Father) in the following format:

Month, Year- Month, Year; City/State; with Mother/Father/Mother and Father.

Visitation:  Please click the button below to see three standard options for visitation. These options provide most clients with an option that suits their needs.  

*NOTE: Custody and visitation are NOT the same. Custody is the right to make decisions in the child's life. Visitation is when the non- custodial parent visits with the child. The type of custody has no bearing on the amount of visitation a parent can/ should have.  

Would you like joint custody? Or just one parent to have custody?

Do any of these children use state benefits? (Soonercare, TANF, daycare assistance, etc.) Please list what child and what services.


What is your monthly gross income? 

What is your spouse's monthly gross income? 

Who carries health insurance for the family?

What is the monthly cost for the entire family?  

How many family members does it cover? 

Do you want child support calculated per the guidelines? (The state mandated amount) Or do you wish to deviate from those guidelines? 

If you wish to deviate, what amount has been agreed upon? 

You must state specific reasons for deviating from the guidelines. What are they? 


How do you want tax dependency split? (e.g. alternate yearly, one parent gets one child each, etc.) 


Have the parties agreed to any support alimony? How much a month and for how long? 

(Alimony is monthly payments to a spouse like child support but for the benefit of the spouse)


Have the parties agreed to any alimony in lieu of property? How much a month and for how long?


(Alimony in lieu of property is monthly payments to a spouse to reimburse for equity in property)




Please list any additional provisions you would like included in your decree. 

Once we receive your submitted form and payment, we will contact you to confirm. Please make payments through paypal (linked below) or by cash or check in person or mail at our office located at 217 N. Independence St. , Enid, OK 73701. 

Thank you! Your content has been submitted and we will contact you soon.

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