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Attorney Fees & Hourly Rates

Cases can be handled on an hourly, flat fee, or contingent fee basis, depending on the type of case.


Hourly Fees and Retainer Deposits


  • Hourly rates are $250.00. Initial retainer deposits range between $750.00 to $2500.00

  • Most cases are done on an hourly basis with the client placing a retainer deposit into our trust account. Once a month we send out billing statements and any earned fees are taken out of trust. The remaining funds remain yours and stay in trust. If your case is resolved, then you are refunded any remaining trust funds. As a case progresses, the trust account may need to be replenished to cover anticipated attorney fees and costs (expert witnesses, court reporter fees, etc.).


Flat Fees


  • Some cases are handled on a flat fee basis, where the client pays a set rate for an agreed-upon number of hours of attorney/staff time.  For specifics, you will need to consult with the attorney.


Contingent Fees


  • Contingent fees are when attorney fees are not paid unless we settle or win your case. The fees are contingent on the outcome of your case. These fees are most common in personal injury cases. Contingent fees put you and the attorney into a business-like relationship, where the attorney wants you to recover as much as possible because you are our client and we want you to be made whole again. But also because the more you recover, the more the attorney fees. Our contingent fees are typically 25% percent of Client's gross settlement if the case settles prior to filing a civil case, 33% percent of Client's gross settlement if a settlement is  reached prior to pre-trial, and 40%-50% percent after said date. For specifics, you will need to consult with the attorney.


The Attorney Fee Agreement


  • If you and the attorney agree to work together on your case, you will have an attorney fee agreement that sets out everything in writing.


Methods of Payment

  • We accept Cash, Check, Money Order, along with Visa and Master Card. With Credit Card payments, there is a 3% processing fee from the company we use to process the payments. Said fee with be deducted out of payment made.



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