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Real Estate Transactions

Whether you are buying or selling property or dealing with some other real estate transaction, there are various people and organizations you are dealing with at different stages of the process. Naturally, each of these parties is seeking to advance his own particular interests, which may or may not coincide with your own. By hiring a real estate attorney to act as your advocate or advisor, you can make sure that your interests are protected.

The fact is, real estate transactions are frequently of critical financial and practical importance, whether you are dealing with a personal or business matter. Problems in both the short- and long-term could end up with financially devastating consequences, and the best way to handle a transactional problem is to avoid it altogether—by making sure that whatever agreement you enter into is carefully drafted for the purpose of protecting your interests should unfortunate contingencies arise.

Chad N. Davis can provide you with advice or representation in a wide variety of matters including:

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  • Reviewing, drafting, and/or negotiating a commercial lease (including negotiating landlord/tenant improvements);

  • Breach of contract ;

  • Misrepresentation claims (e.g., failure to disclose defects);

  • Evaluating inspection reports;

  • Breach of warranty;

  • Construction contract disputes;

  • Construction defects;

  • Real estate fraud / mortgage fraud;

  • Commercial lease disputes;

  • Foreclosures (owner or lender representation);

  • Insurance;

  • Quiet title actions (disputed ownership); and

  • Easements and boundary disputes.

A qualified and experienced real estate attorney can help you to understand and make decisions regarding laws, contractual terms, and financial arrangements, as well as investigate and alert you to some potential concerns that you may not realize or anticipate, such as:

  • Proposed zoning or general plan changes that could affect the long-term utility or value of the property;

  • Building code or permitting problems on existing structures;

  • The advisability of obtaining additional inspections or assessments, and evaluating the significance of problems disclosed in inspections ( e.g., termites, mold, leaks, duct problems, faulty structural integrity);

  • Environmental or potential environmental issues (such as wetlands or pollutants);

  • Covenants or restrictions on the property;

  • Chain of title problems;

  • Tax burdens and tax ramifications of various financing arrangements; and

  • Other potential issues.

Call Chad N. Davis to Handle Your Real Estate Law Issues

Chad Davis has years of experience helping clients deal with real estate issues. If we can help you with a real estate matters in Enid, Oklahoma or any of the surrounding communities, call us today at (580) 233-2833.


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